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These sessions are so precious! One of my favorite ages to photograph. We start getting those amazing smiles, grabbing their feet and toes and even some tummy time smiles. These sessions are always done with their natural progression of their development in mind. We don't prop up your child since they are not sitting up on their own. We do the poses that are natural to them so you as a mama and daddy can remember that stage for years to come. No need to bring any outfits as most are done with just cute diaper covers and no top so a more natural feel.

We do have some other options in the studio as well but if you would like to bring an outfit, we recommend natural colors and something they can move around in. Lounge pants, rompers are amazing, or cute little coveralls, lace for the girlies photographs so well because of the texture. Full outfits like jeans, tops, especially if thicker or ore stiff wont work well for this age unless you would like to be in some photos with your baby.

Check out our 3-4 month baby gallery for more ideas. 

Baby 3 months and up FAQ and what to wear

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3-4 months

These sessions will have a lot of sitting and standing so make sure they can move around.... a lot... haha we know they are quite mobile by now.

If they are doing a One Year cake smash session please bring a few diaper covers with you or an outfit you are ok getting really messy in!

If you signed up for a full session, I recommend a cute outfit for some poses and one separate one for the cake!

P.S. Don't forget the cake! We recommend a softer less sweet icing. We do not recommend Fondant since it is so tough to break and too sweet for the kiddos. We will be sure and recommend some cake makers when you book as well! 

9-12 months

These sessions are scheduled with sitting up in mind so sometimes is best to wait until closer to the 7 month mark so the can sit up on their own a little easier. This is where the fun outfits start coming in. We still love soft neutral colors.

Stay away from attire with text on it, logos, or cartoon characters.

We want this to be timeless and more simple so its about them! If you want a splash or color, that works too!

Floral patterns for the girls look amazing as well! Make sure the outfit is comfy so they can sit up in it and not be constantly messing with their garment. 

6-8 months